“We love because God first loved us” (1 John 3:19)

God is the source of our life. God’s love is the reason we love, our reason to worship, and our guide and inspiration for life. Because God has given us so much, we are able to give to others.

How has God equipped you to give yourself away for the sake of Christ? In our life together, we focus on giving in two ways:

Time & Talents Offering:
How can you share the God-given gift of Time, and the talents God has blessed you with? Each October, you are invited to consider the many ministry opportunities at Grace. These opportunities are presented in the “Time and Talent Survey.” This information is used to connect members with the leaders of various ministries.

Financial Offering:
How can you share your God-given financial resources? You are encouraged to make an intentional plan for financial offerings. To facilitate this, each year you will be invited to present a Giving Plan card as a part of worship.

Offering envelopes are provided through the mail on a monthly basis. It’s a monthly reminder and encouragement to give regularly and consistently.

Interested in giving electronically? Sign up for the Simply Giving program, which allows for automatic bank transfers on a schedule you determine. Contact the church office for more information.