The Creation Care team formed in 2012, and its mission statement is:

We strive to inspire our church community to live out God’s call to be stewards of the earth for the sake of all creation and future generations.

We meet once a month and work on recycling projects, zero waste coffee hours, coffee grounds composting, and leading several adult forums per year. In 2015, we hosted a climate change talk by Luther Dale and Alan Anderson. In 2016, Grace Lutheran Church is participating in the pilot “Energy Star Boot Camp for Houses of Worship.”

Some of our Adult forums have included:

Saving Energy At Home

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

Being Stewards of Creation in a Consumer Culture

How Are Church Communities Exemplifying Environmental Stewardship?

Additional adult forum topics we have presented include watershed health, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, recycling, composting, and environmentally-friendly holidays.