Parish Nurse

Grace Lutheran is served by a part-time Parish Nurse, whose ministry includes visitation to those who have been hospitalized, shut-in, are dealing with continuing health issues, mothers of newborns, those in bereavement, and prisoners. This ministry is overseen by the Health Cabinet. 

Grief Support Groups:
These groups offer informal discussion and support for Grace Lutheran members who have suffered the death of spouse, child, or friend.

  • Men’s Grief Support Group On Pause
  • Women’s Grief Support Group  On Pause

Visitor Team:
Members of the Visitor Team extend the ministry of the congregation to members who are homebound or who live in nursing homes. Visitor Team members ensure that members receive holy communion on a regular basis, and also extend the fellowship of the community. The team meets six times a year for continued training and sharing.

Opportunities in the Parish Nurse ministry and support the members of our congregation:

  • Prayer Shawls are knit or crochet by volunteer, to be given to anyone dealing with health or bereavement issues.
  • Bootie Makers provide booties for newborns that are distributed by the Parish Nurse
  • Cookie Bakers provide homemade cookies that are given during Parish Nurse Visits.
  • Fresh fruits and Vegetables are also appreciated by many of those who receive visits!

Health Cabinet Meetings On Pause

Those with the spiritual gifts of compassion, encouragement, or prayer are invited to consider serving in this ministry. Contact our Parish Nurse with any questions.